Getting Shit Done: The Machine

For much of my life I was really bad at accomplishing things.

It was a question of execution. And I never really learned how… which is odd, considering I spent a dozen years in the service, but there it is. I was in my forties before I really figured out how to get shit done.

Once I caught the productivity bug, I was hooked. Didn’t take me long to find David Allen’s Getting Things Done method. Took about another minute to realize that, while GTD sounds great in principle, getting the system to play nicely with my digital toolbox would be a challenge.

Well, I’m persistent.

Along the way I discovered Tim Ferriss and his books and podcast and robot army. I automate things for a living, so it was a bit of a forehead-slapper when he suggested (in The 4-Hour Work Week) that maybe I should just, you know, do that.

So that’s what I did.

I call it the Machine, and it is a mashup of applications and workflows I use to get shit done. I work with an assistant, so that use case is supported. Also, I run a small software company with partners and consultants flying around, so we need to operate our business and sell our products and service our clients and all that jazz. The Machine covers that stuff, too.

The Machine is a work in progress. I’m constantly fiddling with it, upgrading elements as better ones become available and adding new ones as new use cases suggest themselves. Nothing I write here is the final word. Most of it, I’m actually writing down for the first time. So I imagine some ideas will develop as I kick them around.

I’ll try to do this in small bites. And I’ll begin with basic principles.

Let’s get started.

Tell me why I'm full of shit!