Write Every Day

Seth Godin just told me I should write every day.

More properly, he told me he writes every day… Seth has a blog where he publishes material daily. Even more properly, he didn’t tell me. He told Tim Ferriss, and I’m about halfway through that podcast. But the point stands.

Um. Actually, Seth doesn’t write every day. He publishes every day, but then he batches his writing and writes often enough, but otherwise approximately whenever he feels like he has something to say.

Except he actually doesn’t even just write when he has something to say. He writes when it’s time to write. Sometime’s his output is shitty, and sometimes it isn’t, but apparently you have to write the shitty stuff to get to the good stuff, and Seth makes sure he does plenty of that.

So the direction isn’t write every day. It’s more like write enough, regularly enough, that it works out to something you can publish every day.

As it turns out, I actually do write every day, most days. I journal. It isn’t complicated… just five minutes of whatever I want to get out of my head followed by three things I’m grateful for and one thing I regret from yesterday.

I think a lot about eliminating that regret.

Anyway, the point is I guess I could make a minor adjustment and direct that energy here. The trade-off would be that my journal would become semi-public–at least the parts I decide to publish–and to get a sense of how deeply scary that sounds to me, consider that I don’t even read my journal.

On the gripping hand–if you got that reference, welcome to the tribe–this blog is read by precisely nobody. So the effect should be much the same.

Anyway, just thinking out loud. So to speak. Which I guess is kind of the point.

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