iPad Pro Keypad Woe

Sometimes a headline just writes itself. 😂😂😂

I’ve been carrying around a 9.7-inch iPad Pro for a couple of years, and I’m pretty sure I’d take a bullet not to give it up.

The thing has replaced 90% of what I used to use a laptop for. Not time-wise–I can certainly still noodle over a piece of code for twelve hours in front of my laptop–but in terms of variety, the iPad takes the day without even trying. Unless I know I’m gonna need it, the laptop stays home.

The Pro is my 3rd iPad. Neither of the other two achieved this prominence in my life, and I know exactly what made the difference: the Smart Keyboard. It’s how every other Bluetooth keyboard intended to grow up: slim, responsive, deeply connected into iOS functionality, and utterly reliable in freeing up literally half my screen from the tyranny of the onscreen keyboard.

Using it for the first time felt like an introduction to flight.

So imagine my annoyance, about a year ago, when my iPad began intermittently not recognizing my Smart Keyboard as an accessory, effectively transforming it into an expensive iPad stand.

I tried everything. Reboots, soft and hard. I cleaned the contacts. I bought permanent magnets and tried to re-magnetize the keypad switch. I did a lot of fiddling. The one thing I did not do is take the thing to an Apple Store because it’s way out of warranty, and I’m currently impoverished by divorce & bankruptcy and just didn’t want to have to decide not to pay for a replacement.

Now my keyboard is out of commission 90% of the time. It’s effectively not usable, and frankly I don’t trust it when it is. Which left me high and dry without the main benefits of my most important tool… until I saw this:

Apple extends warranty on iPad Smart Keyboard

Bad news: the article is from May 2017. Should have taken that thing in to the Apple Store while I had the chance. Might have missed the boat!

Good news: they extended the warranty for three years. So I didn’t!

On my way later this morning to pick up a replacement. My ex-monster is just gonna have to find something else to gloat about. 😀

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