Jocko’s Epic: A Doomed Bromance

Jocko is a retarded snake-eating giant. Chuck Norris is his bro. And we are all going to die.

no dark yesterday

no dark yesterday / will influence tomorrow / like this bright today

A Running Practice

Today I learned that sometimes the things you need most are the things you already have. Makes me wonder... what ELSE do I have??

every hero fears

every hero fears / that some rapt admirer will / learn the awful truth

Full Transparency

I just reread Glasshouse, a 2006 novel by the guy who seems to have become my favorite modern SF author: Charles Stross.

kiss me while you can

kiss me while you can / because we are not getting / out of this alive

Evernote Slow?

All six of my readers will have noticed that I use Evernote a lot. And I've noticed, over the past few months, that my whole note repository has been slowing down.

the trail to failure

the trail to failure / is efficiently blazed by / the footprints of fools

Better Late Than Never

I had one of those epiphanies last night that you look at the next day and wonder how you managed to survive this long without already understanding it.

if you don’t know what

if you don't know what / to do with yourself then do / something for a friend