Evernote Slow?

All six of my readers will have noticed that I use Evernote a lot. And I've noticed, over the past few months, that my whole note repository has been slowing down.

Taming the Shit Cascade

David Allen published Getting Things Done in 2001. Useful mobile productivity was still a good half-decade away, so Allen presented GTD in a low-tech form that everybody could understand: paper. Figuring out how to marry GTD with technology was left as an exercise for the student.

Information Management and the Shit Cascade

A picture of modern life: the world hands you a mountain of shit, and you have to figure out how to get today's list of it done. It's a shit cascade.

Task Management vs. Time Management

If we're going to build a Machine for getting shit done, it makes sense to spend a little effort thinking about requirements. What parts does the problem have, and how do the relationships between those parts constrain the solution space?

Getting Shit Done: The Machine

For much of my life I was really bad at accomplishing things. It was a question of execution, and I never really learned how.I was in my forties before I really figured out how to get shit done.

A Proposal

I used to be a blogger. It was a thing. Then I wasn't, for a while. Didn't have much to say. Now I find that I do. So here's the proposal...