the eye in the sky

the eye in the sky / is a great source of comfort / until it isn't

success is moving

success is moving / from one failure to the next / with great confidence

no dark yesterday

no dark yesterday / will influence tomorrow / like this bright today

every hero fears

every hero fears / that some rapt admirer will / learn the awful truth

kiss me while you can

kiss me while you can / because we are not getting / out of this alive

the trail to failure

the trail to failure / is efficiently blazed by / the footprints of fools

if you don’t know what

if you don't know what / to do with yourself then do / something for a friend

every good idea

every good idea / carries within it the seed / of a better one

value most highly

value most highly / the ordinary genius / of a life well lived

this imposing stone

this imposing stone / offers no impediment / if i am water