Information Management and the Shit Cascade

A picture of modern life: the world hands you a mountain of shit, and you have to figure out how to get today's list of it done. It's a shit cascade.

this imposing stone

this imposing stone / offers no impediment / if i am water

Deciding To Live

The pain woke me up. Wasn't the first time, but tonight was bad. The pain was dull, stubborn, and pulsed with my heart. Then, clarity: I'm going to die.

to be truly loved

to be truly loved / for the space of just one breath / changes everything

The Instaviz Constraint

How to make pretty good diagrams with nothing but your iPad and your index finger. Because who wants to spend an hour tweaking a diagram in Visio to make a point you could make on a whiteboard in fifteen seconds.

half empty or full

half empty or full / either way it seems the glass / is just too damned big

Task Management vs. Time Management

If we're going to build a Machine for getting shit done, it makes sense to spend a little effort thinking about requirements. What parts does the problem have, and how do the relationships between those parts constrain the solution space?

the deeper the well

the deeper the well / the sweeter the water but / raise the pail you must

Taking It Slow

I'm probably jumping the gun a bit on this one but whatevs... it's my blog, I can tell my story in any order I like. So let's talk about the connection between a ketogenic diet and deep meditation.

if you would not flinch

if you would not flinch / when crisis approaches then / train like it is here