if you don’t know what

if you don't know what / to do with yourself then do / something for a friend

Taming the Shit Cascade

David Allen published Getting Things Done in 2001. Useful mobile productivity was still a good half-decade away, so Allen presented GTD in a low-tech form that everybody could understand: paper. Figuring out how to marry GTD with technology was left as an exercise for the student.

every good idea

every good idea / carries within it the seed / of a better one

The Art of Practice

The past year brought me a huge transformation in body and mind. It only took a few short months. The engine that drove it was something I call my Practice.

value most highly

value most highly / the ordinary genius / of a life well lived

Information Management and the Shit Cascade

A picture of modern life: the world hands you a mountain of shit, and you have to figure out how to get today's list of it done. It's a shit cascade.

this imposing stone

this imposing stone / offers no impediment / if i am water

Deciding To Live

The pain woke me up. Wasn't the first time, but tonight was bad. The pain was dull, stubborn, and pulsed with my heart. Then, clarity: I'm going to die.

to be truly loved

to be truly loved / for the space of just one breath / changes everything

The Instaviz Constraint

How to make pretty good diagrams with nothing but your iPad and your index finger. Because who wants to spend an hour tweaking a diagram in Visio to make a point you could make on a whiteboard in fifteen seconds.